Saturday, May 31, 2014

Combat Conn Fitness Week Recap: Recipes, Workouts, Blog Posts

Ok so I have decided that I will post a weekend recap of activities/updates I have posted via FB, Instagram, and You Tube :) Also the articles for Muscle is the New Sexy I do every week...

So for my blogging abilities, I written 2 posts in the last two weeks: 1 is for weight training and the other was sort of a rant/encouragement situation. The reason I chose the weight training is because I felt that women need a little push in the right direction. They need to know that the beginning is a positive thing and that the fear that they have is positive fear as we all have to start somewhere. In that blog post, I just went over a few tips and techniques for the average person trying to start as in never even stepped into the "dungeon" as most folks like to call it..

Here is the link to the article:

 For the second post this past Friday, I felt some kind of way and the reason that is was because sometimes there are people who are extremely judgmental knowingly or unknowingly regarding the way you live your life and for some reason when you eat healthy it is kicked up a notch as in now let me state how I feel regarding how you live your life based on their own assumptions. We tend to take it personal, tend to feel it makes us want to take a step back but that is not what is supposed to happen. Sometimes you may need to surround yourself with people who are of the same mindset, but first you need to have your mindset in check.... this is your journey and your life and wanting to be healthy is normal!

End Rant :)

Ok so I posted some pictures of the recipes this week, I have been a very busy bee...the creative juices get to flowing and while my hubby is in prep I try to get creative with his meals so that its edible and he can get some enjoyment out of the process..... eating chicken and rice all  3 meals is gonna make someone quit or move on but if you throw in some chicken stir fry, chicken alfredo, ground turkey is really really good....

Here is what I came up with/made ( the cauliflower pizza is not my recipe)

My picture of the results I got...

It came out very tasty and I added turkey pepperoni/ mozzarella cheese, and prego sauce for this beauty, it went really fast...the crust had a unique taste but still just as firm! Give it a try...

Ground Turkey Spaghetti

It was very easy to make and yet again...the prego sauce was very good... and i bet you are asking fat or low fat...doesn't matter..its about measuring the ingredients to fit your lifestyle and what you are trying to achieve.... we can go fat free all day and get no results but if you really dig deep you will find these things are very much available and can be apart of your day to day eating... not to  mention cheaper on the wallet :D

All ingredients pictured... you do not have to use flavor god but I recommend this, it is very late on the taste and all fresh ingredients filled up to the top versus other seasonings...

How to make:

Add tbsp of olive oil to the pan with a bit of minced garlic seasoning
Let heat up and add the veggies chopped

I used the Vitamixx to chop the veggies: Mushrooms, jalepenos, onions, peppers whatever your preference and as much as you like...

Add ground turkey 2 servings, 228g ground turkey about 2 cups raw (if you have a scale use the grams)

Cook until brown

Meanwhile follow directions on Tofu Shirataku Spaghetti  ( rinse in cold water in a strainer, pat dry as possible, then add to the mix)

Season again, the noodles will not be seasoned ... let simmer and add prego sauce 1 serving ( I used traditional sauce which 1 cup can be enough for the whole pan)

Let simmer on low 5 mins stirring occasionally...

Enough to feed 2 folks

I love Waffles, like I go waffle iron crazy as much as possible. The only thing is I dont like to take much time, i have little patience at breakfast so I just did an express way of making protein waffles... and I called them that because I add the extra scoop of protein to the mix

Protein Waffles 

1 large egg white (46g) or 3 tbsp
1 scoop protein powder your choice (Peanut Butter Cookie dough)
1/3c heart smart bisquick
1/4 c almond milk

mix all together

add to the waffle iron and enjoy

Lastly I am revamping my site a bit to add the recipes and the You Tube Videos to the blog. I want to update once a week on whats going on just in case you missed it... so stay tuned all the recipes will be accessible in one tab on the site verses scrolling..

I also have a YOU TUBE is slowly getting more and more stuff....this editing is very time consuming not to mention the quality needs to be better... in the meantime I did a Home Circuit. The reason I choose to record is because we all get busy but we all can make the time at the house 20 mins of work... and sweat just as just gotta get that mojo flowing...I like the music because thats what motivates me.. I use this Tabata App that get the timing down and you are ready to roll...

In the meantime thank you for your support... a business is never easy to build but all the work will pay off as well.. I just gotta keep pushing, keep praying and stay focused...

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