Monday, January 20, 2014

Recipes to try for size....

Here are some recipes to try for size ...Yummy and Healthy...also check the FB for these as well..

Ground turkey loaf muffins

A whole pack Open nature ground turkey 112g or 1 serving (4 muffins in a pack)

Chopped veggies...
Egg whites 46g
Sprinkle of oats
Veggie shreds shredded cheese

Step 1 preheat oven 400 degrees. separate one serving ground turkey into bowl

Step 2- add egg whites veggies, veggie shreds and oats in the bowl. ..use egg oat mix for all 4 muffins

Step 3 remove serving from egg white mix put in greased muffin pan .repeat with all muffins

Step 4- cook in oven for 40 min .remove let cool and add salsa on top enjoy

25g protein

Stuffed Mexican Potato Skins

1/2c or 57g ground turkey crumbles
3-4 white potatoes
Veggies of your choice chopped (I used broccoli)...

Taco seasoning packet
Greek yogurt plain sour cream style
JalapeƱos (optional)

Step 1 preheat oven to 400 degrees. cut slits into potatoes and microwave to soften

Step 2 remove from microwave and slice potatoes in half. Scoop out middle half deep and set aside

Step 3-cook turkey according to package set aside

Step4- combine loose potatoes veggies and turkey crumble. For the servings you must individually weigh the potato half before removing the middle to get your serving! Don't forget!

Step 5- add veggie, loose potato back to stuffed potato....size does vary a
So I put as much as it allowed me and at remaining on the side ....

Step 6- place on cookie sheet, sprinkle veggie shreds on top and place in oven

Step7- wait for 30 mins or until outsides are crisp. Remove and add jalapeƱos and Greek yogurt if you like.....I also took an avocado and blended it in the vitamix for guacamole!


1 serving- 95g potato- 20g carbs

Turkey crumble- 23g protein

Veggie shreds- 4g fat, 3G protein

Greek yogurt- 1 tbsp 2 G protein 3g protein

Total- 29g protein 22g carbs 10g fat


4 servings of egg whites (1 1/4c)
2 slices Turkey Bacon chopped
Veggies of your choice chopped (I used Onions, Peppers, Jalepenos, Mushroom)
1 whole egg
1/4 c Veggie Shreds Shredded Cheese or Fat Free Cheese

Scramble your whole egg and egg whites together.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Pour egg white mixture in to cups 1/4 into each cup.

Combine all veggies together and distribute among the cups. Add cheese and turkey bacon shreds evenly to each cup.

Spray muffin pan with pam or use muffin sheets

Heat in the oven for 5-7 mins or until egg whites are cooked and cheese is melted.

Let cool and remove from the tin and enjoy!

This makes 6 muffins total based on my measurements. Double for 12 muffins

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bodybuilding will always hold a special place in my heart....

Yesterday I felt like recording a video on my YouTube channel about what my experience has really done for me. People from the outside may or may not realize how it has affected me as a person, wife, worker etc....I spent 7 mins on the video just expressing myself. I never have done you tube before but watching it made me realize that it runs deep. It is a part of what drives me as a a person and once you watch you will is a process...and will make you realize that you are such a stronger person than before.

Hope you enjoy!

-Combat Conn Fitness

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Site up and Running...

As you can see the website is up and running. I have had the pleasure of working with Webdesign by Brandon McCloskey who is very easy on the wallet but the work is so amazing. I also had graphics design by Creave Design for the banner.

So what now...well now I build more on the product. I have connected all the social media, blog, newsletter all together to make it work. I started my you tube channel and I plan to update at least once a week or every 2 weeks...still gotta work and do other things. I also plan on blogging for another fitness expert whom I love to get so much information from. It  will be a great experience for me.

The website is only the beginning....I look forward to the future and what it holds for not only me but the clients...

I appreciate support as always and look forward to helping you all in your success!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome to Combat Conn Fitness!

Welcome to Combat Conn Fitness Blog!

I don't have a long drawn intro to my initial post. What I will say is that I appreciate your interest in this page/blog at all! The reality is that if you have a desire to do something great, I want to help you in any way I can. I like to appeal to the average person because I have been on both sides of the spectrums, physically and emotionally. I have experienced weight loss and journey to my first competition. What I will say is this......I am no expert and even when I gain more information I am still not an expert as I believe we all have more to learn each day! I will give my best efforts to provide you with what I know, share my experiences as accurately as possible, tell you the truth from start to finish whether I know it or not. I will do my research as needed and provide you with a safe program and nutrition plans to meet your goals. In the meantime, follow along with tips and YouTube for more information....I look forward to your support and helping you through your own journey!

Good Luck and Hope you stay along for the ride!

Andrea Conn